Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Friends at Camp

When I was little, I went to Boys Club camp. It wasn't my decision. I was forced into it. For my own good.

At least that was the idea.

There was swimming, boating, and cooking hot dogs on sticks. There was archery and baseball.

We didn't really get any education in the fundamentals of baseball. It was just your typical get out there and play kind of thing.

I think I was put out in right field. The experience wasn't too memorable.

A much better experience was going away to Connecticut to a place called Grand Lake Lodge. My mom just blogged about it. I have fond memories of Grand Lake Lodge. There was a day camp there and councillors taught us things. All the kids ate together in a nice dining room at night. It was a lot of fun and I remember meeting kids from far away and being pen pals with them afterwards.

Skip ahead to last weekend. I went back to camp, PodCamp Philly. It was a great experience from the moment I got the the airport and began my trip traveling with Christopher Penn until my return flight back to Boston.

What stood out for me was the people. Everyone was amazing. Really amazing.

After arriving in Philly I ended up in Whitney Hoffman's van with Mark Blevis, CC Chapman, and Christopher Penn. We headed over to Whitney's for a while and the van trip to her house was like session one of podcamp. Lots of techie talk.

Then at her house Christopher Penn got on the keyboards and upgraded Whitney to Google Earth among other things. Sitting along side Christopher working the keyboard is like an apprenticeship.

Geno's Steaks

The first night's event was held at P'unk Avenue near two Philly cheesesteak landmark's Pat's and Geno's. Mingling inside, outside, heading over to decide which sandwich was best, all added to the night. What a great location. I met a lot of new people who were really interesting. It was a great start.

Thanks to Comcast for opening up the Starbucks for breakfast and break time. Anything you wanted was free. What fun. Everyone had fun with it. Loved the Green Tea Lemonade. Here's a video of registration.

A few people I spent time with and got to know better were Paul Kontonis, Mark Blevis and Jackson West. In the hallways, outside at lunch, and at breaktime. Mark had a good session on audio editing that I enjoyed contributing to. Um, you know what I mean. ;-) Here's a video I made of David from

It could not have been a better location that The Triumph Brewery for the second night's get together. Beer, food, great people. Lot's of fun. The place was a really good size for the number of people we had. I met a lot more people here while moving from table to table and learned about podcasting novels. Taking the train down there was an experience. Watch the video of my Philadelphia train system experience.

Todd Marrone kicked off day three by creating some amazing art and giving it away. Watch my video of Todd Marrone.

The highlight of this day was the Book of Enemy workshop I ran where everyone collaborated to make a short movie. We all decided what we were going to do, acted and filmed it and then posted it. All within an hour. Fun!

Since coming back home I've gotten a lot of new friend requests on flickr and twitter. New pen pals...


  1. It was great hanging out with you Steve. And thanks for your great contribution to my audio editing session (you were right).

    I'm looking forward to hanging out with you at PodCamp Boston.


  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Great to meet you, Steve, and get to know your work better here and on your other blog.

    John C. Havens

  3. Hello Steve,much fun at podcamp philly. Here is a link to that cool picture I took of you!
    - paul

  4. It was so great to spend time with you! I already miss the Twittervan!
    I'm glad you had a great time- I love it when we all get together and it does feel like summer camp- a lot to learn mixed up with a lot of fun.

    Can't wait to see you at Podcamp Boston, and thanks so much for the videos, for making the whole weekend special.

    And I get to say "THE Steve Garfield" was at my house! How cool is that!!!

  5. Was great meeting and talking with you and almost sitting on you in the Twitter Van!

  6. The honor was entirely mine to be able to travel with Steve Garfield of! Thanks for the video tips - and what was the name of that photo service that frames your photos?

  7. The company I'm using to print and frame my prints is Imagekind.

    I just got my first framed photo yesterday and shot an unboxing video of it. It'll be up later today.