Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Macy's Calling My Wife from India

Mr Johnson called from India yesterday to talk to my wife about a personal matter.

I HATE these types of phone calls.

It went something like this:

Mr. Johnson: Can I speak with Carol?

Me: Who is this?

Mr. Johnson: Mr. Johnson.

Me: What is this about?

Mr. Johnson: It's a personal matter.

Me: It can't be a personal matter because we do not do business over the phone.

Mr. Johnson: -silent pause-

Me: What company is this?

Mr. Johnson: HC-unintelligible-L calling on behalf of Macy's credit card services.

Me: Where are you located?

Mr. Johnson: India.
At that point I handed the phone to Carol.

We received a bill with an outstanding balance, and a late fee of $15 with an additional finance charge of $1.00.

Carol asked Mr. Johnson if he could credit us for the late fee.

He said we need to call another #.

I just called.

It's busy.

They don't open until 9:00 AM EST.

It turns out that Macy's has us signed up for three different credit card accounts and I applied the outstanding balance to the wrong account.

I'll be on the phone with them in 47 minutes to clear this up and close all the accounts.

Macy*s - Customer Service - Macy's Credit Card

I just got off the phone with customer service. They cleared everything up:
"When you open up a Macy's credit card account, you get two credit cards, a Macy's Card and a VISA card. One is for use inside Macy's and one is for use outside of Macy's."

I had paid the Macy's invoice against the Macy's/VISA card. They credited me the late fee and finance charge, and are transferring my Macy's/VISA payment to my Macy's card.

I've got an easier idea. Close both Macy's accounts and just use my other VISA card.


  1. You guys up there in Boston must hate Macy's too. Chicagoans hate Macy's because they took away Marshall Field's. We have protests and stuff up there too. Also my mother had the same frustration about paying her Macy's charge. She couldn't figure out what she owed or how much it was too confusing for her. I don't know if she had a Macy's charge or a Macy's VISA or both, but she still had problems settling that account.

    BTW, I have problems with these people calling from call centers in India. This isn't Macy's related but obviously they give these guys American or English sounding names but they don't have the matching accents. That really irritates me and I wouldn't want to do business with any company that employs them.

    If you're going to have call centers make sure that one can understand them clearly. Without the thick accents or the bad phone connection.

  2. I had the same problem with my Bloomingdales card. I didn't get a late fee, but they cleared up any issues and moved the balances around to my satisfaction. I have other fish to fry, like the table the didn't show up on time and promise of a delivery credit that never materialized.

  3. You guys haven't seen the half of it...

    I just got off the phone with their customer service. I called because I had a perfectly proper $120 charge on my store card (yes – I got the surprise visa *and* store accounts – each with its own billing cycle – what fun).

    My bill was due 2 days from today. Payment’s already processing at my bank so they will receive payment on time (like they usually do).

    But get this – they actually posted a $2.15 finance charge to the account, even though it was not yet past the due date..

    Call me picky, but aren’t finance charges supposed to apply *after* the bill due date?

    I had a 0 balance before the $120 charge, so this “finance charge” was not related to any prior past-due amount.

    So I call up, and guess what – Macy’s saw fit to “proactively” apply a finance charge to my account. Per the US call center rep – “This is our way of letting you know what the finance charge *would* be *if* you missed your payment”. WTF??!!

    Apparently, this is their “standard procedure” for all customer accounts.

    If you pay in full, on time, the finance charge is struck from your account. Which is fine – everything balances out.

    Here’s the catch though – when Average Joe look up his account balance on Macy’s website, he sees the amount due *including* the finance charge – in my case $122.15 ($ 120 in purchases, $2.15 in finance charges)

    So one could very easily send in a payment inclusive of the mystery finance charge, which Macy’s then allows to sit as a “credit” in the account.

    Which is also fine, but suppose 10,000 customers (conservatively) send in an extra buck or two in alleged finance charges. These will all sit as credits in their individual accounts – and guess who picks up the interest on that ~20,000 Dollars – yep – Macy’s. I wouldn’t mind having a conversation with someone over there about what APR they pay their customers for these “credits” in their accounts.

    This reeks of a scam, even though I’m sure it’s somewhere in the fine-print of their credit agreement.

    I’m gonna blog this everywhere I can. Can you tell I’m peeved?

  4. We were recently in MAcy's and at the door is a big poster with a matrix of all the credit card options. It's a huge grid of options, gold, silver, black, blue, visa, macy's... Unbelievable.

  5. Yesterday I thought I was opening a Macy's account - they had a big promotion with coupons and then an extra 20% off with a new account. Today after reading everything I found I had opened up a visa account too - although I was not given an account number or anything. Man this is confusing! I didnt want a visa card! I wonder if you can cancel the visa card and still have the Macy's card active?????

  6. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I just had the same experience with Macy's. I have about 3 credit cards and I'm never really sure what is on which card at any given time. I looked online to find my balance under 'Macy's Credit Card' and it was $0. Come to find out that is just the in-store account and I had $1300 on my Macy's Visa. Well it didn't get paid on time because I had looked online and there was no balance. A lady in India took off the finance and late charges ($100) if I paid it off on the phone (cost $10). Nobody can still tell me where to check my Visa balance online.

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I just had an experience with Macy's (8/16/2008) where they also asked if I'd like a card upgrade...and it was actually a VISA card. I noticed it on the receipt but the clerk said she couldn't cancel it.
    I had to call customer service, which was a lousy connection to (I'm guessing) India. The voicemail menu was a nightmare to get an "agent" and when I commented that Macy's was not being truthful when they sign people up for these VISA Cards without telling the customer, the agent became almost obnoxious.
    I hope more people see this.
    I've been a customer 20+ years, but
    am tempted to close my account.
    What a bunch of idiots, save a few pennies and lose your solid customers.

  8. Anonymous11:04 PM

    I have yet a better story and I am going to the store tomorow and pay the balance and forget EVER shopping at Macy's. I purchased a juicer there,umm maybe I will also contact the juicer company, anyway,at the checkout I was askded if I wanted to open a Macy's charge, only took a minute so okay go ahead. Received my card called to activate the card and I was connected to YES INDIA!!!!! He appologetically kept saying "sorry mam to keep you on hold I have to check....." He asked me how he could help I said I did not know how I got him all I was doing was activating my card! He proceeded to ask me the vitals. I answered then he said I have a few questions to ask for security reasons. Okay go for it. First of all I cannot understand what he is saying. I understood him to ask me if "I have ever leased or owned one of the following vehicles" WEll I have not had a car loan for years. He mentioned a care I had awhile ago but I said I did not have a loan I paid cash..umm he says I will have to ask you another question. He asked the same one, except different cars, well one was the one I own now, But I do not know what model it is.So then he says I am sorry Mam I cannot activate your card you have failed the questions!!!!!!!!!
    I have failed ME!!! I am calling from MY PHONE, at MY HOME IN THE USA and you IN INDIA am telling ME I AM NOT ME!!!
    AFter reading the other posts I will go to the store pay my balance. AND NEVER ACTIVATE THIS CARD. The story is even longer but I have taken too much space.

  9. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Best Macy's story yet, it's long. Grab a coffee & read on.
    I live in Chicago,IL. Had a Marshall Fields card for 15 years. Macy's bought them out & I got my new Macy's card. Used it & paid for about 2 years with no problems.

    Then October 13, 2008 I paid off all my debit. I had my bank issue a cashiers check to Macy's for $70.00 over what my bill stated because it was going to be late. I'd just get a check for the credit balance.

    November 3, 2008--Macy's collections called & wanted payment. I told them I paid off the card & there was no new charges. They said they would note the account & I should check with Macy's as to the balance on the card. I checked online that night & no payment was posted. Called the next day & was told that they had gotten the payment & would credit the account. Done Right?

    November 25, 2008-- Macy's collections called wanted payment on my account that is now 50 some days past due. I told them I paid off the account. They said no payment was posted & needed paymetn now. I called Macy's & got connectedwith their collections dept in ..... INDIA. Went 5 rounds with them & was told to check to make sure the cashiers check cleard the bank.

    November 26, 2008 -- Called the bank to see if the check cleared. Banker faxed me a copy of the cancelled check. I called Macy's & got a fan number to send the cancelled check to. Faxed the check to them & they told me 2 - 3 billing cycles for it to clear out of the system. WTF? 2-3 billing cycles. Meanwhile I'm acrueing late fees, interest & a bad credit rating?

    December 3, 2008 - Macy;s called wanted payment, told to fax all documents to different fax number. Blah, Blah, Blah...

    December 11, 2008-- Macy's called wants payment. I hit the roof. Was tod to fax all documents to yet another fax number. Collections staff was rude, arrogent, talked over me, wouldn't help me, wouldn't give me a phone number or extention number so that I could deal with the same person to confirm reciept of the fax, and never let me speak to a manager about this.They kept transfering me to a "manager" who was not in fact a manager. Lied to me about fax numbers, how long it would take to settle the dispute. Not to mention the 20 min, YES 20 min, hold for transfer to each person who was supposed to assist me in this situation. Oh yeah, call center was in ... INDIA, so bad connection & thick accents! Their collections department is the worst EVER.

    My friend & co worker who has seen this from the start figured out that when I call Macy's with my account number I'm so far past due I get sent straight to the collections department in ... INDIA. SO she called with her current(good standing & star rewards)account number & we both spoke with a VERY NICE rep who explained how to get this settled. Fax the documents including *bank transmittal* (very important word to use) to another fax number, then call her tomorrow at her extention to make sure everything is okay. Wow. We'll see tomorrow how things work out.

    That said, I will never never never shop at Macy's again. I will travel 100 miles to NOT shop at Macy's again. If they have something for sale chances are I can find it online at another retailer, & will buy it there. See, worst Macy's story I have ever heard. Please make sure everyone you know hears about this.

  10. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I noticed the number coming in on the call ID...1-727-556-7300. It reads MCCS. Every hour on the hour for 2 days. On the 3rd day I picked up the phone & told them I'm on the national do not call registry, I couldn't understand a word he said in reply. This went on for 2 more days. They wouldn't tell me why they were calling and asking for my husband. On the 4th day I understood only the word, MACY'S. I asked my husband if he paid his Macy's bill he said, "yes." On the 5th day, finally, I could understand the representative from India. She explained the Visa & Macy card being 2 accounts. I told her, I find it very hard to believe Macy's would harrass customers in such a way over a $44 payment, which was paid, but on the visa not the store account. She fixed. I then called Macy's 800 number & spoke to a clear speaking representative. I explained the situation. He apoligized & gave me a FAX number to it is folks...7275565197. Spread the word. He explained the last 2 digits on the visa & the macy's accounts were different & that's how you clarify the accounts. If the visa card was used in Macy's the bill will be on that account. If the card was used in any other store but Macy's it will be on the other account. P.S. I did report them to the national do not call registry before everything was clarified...oh well...that goes to show them!

  11. I too was talked into getting a Macy's store card and ended up with the store and visa acct on one card. I cannot find any information as to how one contacts the visa portion of the card for information about my acct. We have not received a statement from the Visa acct since opening the acct, however we have charges against that acct. How complicated! Just a simple contact telephone number to discuss your visa acct is not available. I went the our local Macy's store to discuss my problem and found that the store has no credit dept. I was told by an employee that I had to use one of the direct telephones to talk to someone regarding my acct.
    If I had a contact number I would have saved a trip from home to the store.



  12. False Claims – Credit Dunning for not our account
    MCCS - Macy's Credit and Customer Service
    Macy's & Bloomingdales [credit accounts factored to Citicard] - They fail to take appropriate actions in verifying credit card application data so that you can have them call you claiming that you owe them - Macy's, Bloomingdale's - money on a card which may be in $1000s but it is not your card - just your phone number for an account that was opened in a totally different state from your number/home - They are terrible - absolute failure to verify data! ABYSMAL -
    Call from New Delhi Indian Call Center
    (727) 556-7300
    Mccs - MACYS India New Delhi Joe Berg re wrong acct
    Associate 295257 HCL Technologies 800-545-1256x56700
    MCCS POB 8118 Mason OH 45040
    EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Follow-up Lisa Durbin 513-398-5221 x32634
    MCCS POB 8220 Mason OH 45040

    I have received numerous calls over the past months all calling to dun my wife on large outstanding amounts on either her Macy's or Bloomingdale's cards. Yet, the address of record for the cards MCCS is calling about is in Rhode Island and our telephone number clearly is not. We have wasted nearly hours with Indian and Filipino call center employees attempting to explain that we are not who they want. Every time they have claimed they will remove our number from their data base but we keep getting calls.

  13. Anonymous6:11 PM

    50 calls from India because of a $5.00 balance missed on my Macy's Card. Plus Macy's was going to charge me $29 late fee. Mr. John Smith from India explained that I could pay off over the phone for a fee of around $15. Spoke to Macy's rep in America who explained the 50 calls were "courtesy calls". 50 calls - seriously stopped being a courtesty 49 calls ago. Maybe this is how the roll in India, but I never expected my personal info to be stored/ handled by a third world country..........

  14. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Someone really needs to just kill all these camel-fucking sandniggers already at this 'Macy's/Bloomingdales' account call center. I should just apply to 'work at their company' so I can know their location and just bomb the hell outta them.

  15. Anonymous9:54 PM

    What part of ..."I (myself) do not even HAVE a damn Macy/Bloomingdale account!!!!" do they not understand??!?! These slumdogs over there keep calling my # between 2 and 4 times A DAMN DAY now for 2 weeks and most of each of these times I have called the # back to insist on speaking to a fucking supervisor in their account department to take me off their call list, I get the same bs from them, "jes mehm, I whell tek yoo off de call leest".........please someone just aim for the fucking dot on their heads already!!!!

  16. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I don't owe Macy's anything. In fact, they issued a check to me for a recent overpayment. I've still been getting these calls 24/7 for 5-6 times a day. I've been on other sites where there are pages and pages of complaints all like this against Macy's.

    Let's try this: Mayor Bloomberg of NYC owns a large amount of Macy's stock. Why don't we send photocopoies of all these complaints, and include your own experience, to HIS OFFICE. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow right after I go in person to a Macy's customer service and ask them to officially cancel any and every account I have with them. AND, I will not leave the office until I have a receipt in my hand that says CANCELED, with the date on it. As a matter of fact......I will send a copy of this letter to Mayor Bloomberg, too.

    Lastly, I will NEVER patronize Macy's or any store in their conglomerated sphere. DONE WITH THEM FOREVER......I had a bad round with Sears in the 1980's over a mistaken charge against my account and I have gotten along quite well in life without ever purchasing from them these last 25 years.

  17. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Unreal stupid people. I shorted my payment by $8. Yes, $8 lousy dollars, because I guessed at my min payment. Missed calls every couple of hours on my cell so I called the number and realized it was Macy's. I knew my payment wasn't late, so signed in to Macy's phone app to see my account. It just gave my amount due next month; didn't say past due, but I paid another $40 just to be safe. About a half hour later the number I now knew was Macy's called again so I picked up the phone.

    Ya, ya you owe a minimum of ..... Today to bring your account up to date. I said, no that's the amount I owe b next month. I think I must not hav paid my min amount due and asked if I had covered my min payment. He says no, you owe .... Now to bring account to date. Back and forth til I finally asked to talk to someone that spoke English. He tells me he understands me! Yea, well you aren't comprehending buddy. I was short 8 bucks on my min payment and just paid $40, so I've paid more than the min payment. No more is due until next month. I swear the guy never got it, and can't stand when you can't communicate. Don't harass me for 8 bucks people and if you want to call, leave me a damn message so I can call you back!