Friday, September 07, 2007

Firewire Cable $1.95

Purchased: IEEE-1394 FireWire iLink DV Cable 6P-4P M/M - 6 ft (CLEAR)
$1.95 - Best quality products at the lowest price. No kidding. has the best cable prices.

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM


    I've bought from monoprice many times, and as long as it's digital, a cable is a cable is a cable. 1's & 0's get there, or they don't. I couldn't comment on their analogue cables, I'm sure someone else can.

    If you ever get a HDTV with HDMI, I highly recommend them. $12.00 shipped for a HDMI cable that's the same quality of a $100 Monster "crazy image, super fab, gold plated quality,you really need this cable, and I'm a super BESTBUY technician so truuuust me" HDMI cable.

    Don't get tricked, Monoprice is the way to go!