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Friday, September 07, 2007

Do You KNOW TECH Cocktail?

Clarence recaps TECH cocktail Boston:
"The potential energy was evident as people started collecting on the main floor, getting down with the free alcohol and mingling with their respective cliques."
I love going to gatherings with Clarence so I can ask people if they know Clarence.

There were a lot of good things about TECH Cocktail Boston last night.

#1: I got a free parking space at a meter.

#2: Free drinks

#3: Great people

Getting to hang with local media makers C.C. Chapman, Chris Brogan, Bryan Person, Laura Fitton, Joe Cascio, Julia Roy, David Tam├ęs, John Wall, Halley Suitt, and Chris Penn is always fun.

I also saw Dave Cutler and he handed me his new business card, his URL written on the back of a Pictionary card. Cool.

He said: The ball is in your court.

I replied: What ball?

Seems that he sent me an email to follow up on a project we might be doing together and his email to me got lost in my spam filled inbox. Email is unreliable.

I also met Ariel Diaz. He came up to me and introduced himself. He's got a company that allows anybody to broadcast live audio commentary for sporting events. I know some people who would be great at this. Sitting with them while watching a game makes it much more interesting. Check out YouCastr.

I'm also checking out Zoominfo. I got a bright orange T-Shirt from them.

An initial event that draws over 300 people is successful in getting that many people together. Good job Eric Olson. Great to see you again. Good luck at BuzzFeed.

If you are looking for a smaller group of media makers, that's like twitter around a table, where everyone takes turns talking about what they are doing, come to the next Boston Media Makers meeting in JP on October 7th.

You'll get a chance to HEAR what others are saying.


  1. Great seeing you there, Steve. We never really get to talk, but the truth is, I just like being near you at those events, if only for a bit. Neat to see the whole crew there (you know who), and I was really thrilled to read your take on the experience. Wish I had a free meter, but as I got towed last week in Boston, I paid to park. : )

  2. Hey Steve

    It was nice meeting you at the Tech Cocktail, great event for the Boston community. Thanks for the nice plug, hope to see you on the site.


  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Steve - enjoy the shirt :) Was great to see so many interesting Bostionians buzzing around with great ideas (while buzzed, no less). We'll be sponsoring more events like these, and are noodling around ideas how we can help the Boston Web tech scene continue to grow and thrive. This is - to my mind - a great time to be in tech in this area.

    Martin Burns, ZoomInfo