Thursday, September 13, 2007

Me and My Miro

I like the Miro people.

I just did a very cool test with the Miro feedreader this morning. Miro let's you subscribe to videoblogs and have their content delivered to your desktop automatically whenever new videos are posts.

I made up a videoblog with all of my mom's I Can't Open It videos

Each post embeds a YouTube video.

I added a feedburner podcast feed.

Then I subscribed with Miro.

I've got Miro set up to automatically download the most recent video when a new feed is added.

My mom's most recent video showed up right away and I watched it.


Isn't that cool?

For so long we were complaining that YouTube didn't have .mov enclosures and now it doesn't matter so much, at least for desktop aggregation.

I'm interested to see when we'll have access to YouTube's H.264 QuickTime encodes for delivery to portable media devices.


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Funny that you mentioned us today -- I mentioned you (today) in an MIT CMS class that I'm TA'ing.

    Steve Schultze gave some of the history of podcasting (Lydon, Curry, etc.) and then I went on to explain that, "this guy named Steve Garfield, that lives like 5 miles from here (as I'm pointing to JP), was the first person to start putting videos into a blog..."

    Glad you're enjoying Miro!


    PS. we're doing a big fundraising drive this month -- check out the banner in the Miro Guide :)

  2. we need to ask for a comment button in a better place on miro. the 'permalink' button is totally hidden.
    i need it while i'm watching.
    so i can comment right after/ during viewing. for real, right?