Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Really into Twitter, Seesmic, and other mobile/video social systems.

Dan streaming video of Laura on Qik

Dan Bricklin posts about his experience with 'people who are really into Twitter, Seesmic, and other mobile/video social systems'.

Podcast with Laura Fitton about Twitter and using Seesmic and
"We've always talked about how Internet video would be about grandma watching the kid's birthday parties from another city. It's here now, or even more mundane (and potentially more viral) -- here's Laura (of Pistachio Consulting) showing a gift she got (ice cream 'named after her' -- Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio). (I've been using Internet video for some time now -- Skype and other video conferencing systems, YouTube, etc. -- but this seemed even more lightweight and viral and we were using it casually at a party.)"
This all happened at Laura Fitton's Christmas Eve party. It was a special experience.

Much different than some of the sponsored business card pushing free drink events that happen around town.

It was also different than the live twitter around a table Boston Media Maker meetings I have on the first Sunday of each month in Boston. Next Boston Media Makers meeting Jan 6th, btw, and you are invited.

Laura opened up her home to like minded people who ended up having a fun time with new social systems in person. We had discussions and taught each other things. The only thing on the agenda was fun, but it grew into much more.

Check out my earlier post, How can we apply technologies for good.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Seesmic.

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