Monday, January 14, 2008

ThunderSnow: Boston Noreaster

Live footage streamed to the internet of Boston's first Nor'Easter. They are calling it thundersnow since we're hearing thunder while it's snowing.

Expecting it to snow 2-4 inches per hour this morning!

I streamed this video LIVE to the web using

I captured this video, from the site, off the screen using SnapZPro X, then opened it in QuickTime Pro and added the credits.

I exported it as a QuickTime movie, and then used TubeMogul to upload it to 12 sites including YouTube.

Then I posted it to Seesmic.

I also sent it in to Channel 7. :-) Had to email it in, their online submission form is broken. Oops.

More here.


  1. funny that with all the cool emerging technology you just mentioned - live mobile streaming cam, screencasting, etc that the problem you had was with a normal, boring webform on a traditional media website! Made me chuckle...

  2. Yeah, it's both funny and frustrating.

    I'd love for the major media outlets to really embrace social media.

    As I said, I did email a link to the YouTube video in to Channel 7, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

    I wonder which Boston outlet will be first to figure this stuff out.