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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Steve Garfield Scoops CNN: Duncan Hunter Does Not Quit

Jose Castillo has the story of me scooping CNN on Duncan Hunter's announcement yesterday from Manchester, NH that he is not goign to quit the race:

Kick it Quick with Qik:
Steve Garfield reported 3 minutes ago that Congressman Duncan Hunter will not give up in his bid for presidency. Steve captured this video as he was walking towards the CNN interview. Using his N95 and, Steve Garfield beat CNN. Watch out news world, here comes instant media.
As I was walking down the sidewalk in Manchester, NH I asked what was goign on. The response I got was that Duncan Hunter was going on CNN to make a major announcement. I asked if I could interview him live about it. An aide told me to walk back down the sidewalk and talk to another staff member. I replied, "No. I can interview him RIGHT NOW with this cell phone!" So the aide said, go right ahead. then I ran up to him and started streaming live video from the cellphone.

Here's a TV Newser report that is reprinted on the Duncan Hunter campaign blog:

The Hunter campaign alerted the media to a major campaign announcement coming at 2pmET today, which some may have thought involved dropping out of the race. Instead, he used the opportunity to lash out against ABC News and Fox News Channel for excluding him from their debates/forum this weekend.

“Some knucklehead executives in ABC closed me out. Similarly, Fox News decided not to allow me to take part in the Fox News debate on Sunday,” he said.

Hunter said that he picked up one delegate in the Wyoming caucus, which put him ahead, at least until tomorrow night, of candidates like Rudy Guiliani and John McCain.

Hunter wasn’t done. “A guy who actually had some points on the scoreboard, that was myself, was not allowed to attend,” he said. “Knucklehead, arrogant executives in the corporate media world at ABC and Fox News, in some third or fourth story glass offices, decided my campaign was over.”

It wasn’t, as he announced to applause from the gathered crowd. Interestingly, CNN was the only network to pick up the speech live, despite it being advertised earlier in the afternoon on Fox News Channel. MSNBC came in a few minutes after the announcement.

I commented:
Hi Duncan,

You might remember me interviewing you on the sidewalk on your way to CNN. I also covered this announcement and streamed it LIVE from the sidewalk of New Hampshire from my cellphone to the internet.

Jose Castillo wrote about it:

Citizen media will help cover stories that mainstream media will not. With new technology that allows people to stream live video from cell phones to the web, you start to see more news from the street. Real news.

Thanks again.

All my LIVE streamed reports from Manchester are over here:

Thanks for Nokia, ATT and Qik for making this possible.


  1. Hey Steve - funny, I am just editing this very footage into our story about you for The UpTake!

  2. i love it: "i want to interview him right now with this." show them how it done!

  3. Steve, what is AT&T's limit on sending video? My verizon service only allows 30 seconds, not enough for much of anything. I'm in a contract, so I can't switch now, but for the future, I'm looking to see which service is best for this type of stuff.

  4. I did two things with ATT service.

    1. Streamed live with Qik. Haven't hit a limit...

    2. Emailed a video to Vimeo. Not sure of email limits.

    In both cases it's much longer than 30 seconds.