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Thursday, January 31, 2008

eBay rocks!

I just sold a New England Patriots Season Ticket Sheet 1980 on eBay.

My first sale there in a long time. eBay rocks!

My email in Leopard is still messed up though, so when I got the Notification of Instant Payment, it looked like this:
Item =23: 290201012915
Item Title: New England Patriots Season Ticket Sheet 1980
Item URL:
Quantity: 1
Price: =2415.50 USD
Yikes! $2,415.50?

I was shocked, but after going to eBay I saw that it really sold for $15.50. I've got to figure out why my email is not displaying emails properly. This started happening after upgrading to Leopard.

But back to ebay.

Shipping Label and Packing Slip
I was able to click a button to print a shipping label. This brought me to PayPal, where I printed a USPS shipping label that I taped directly onto the envelope. I also emailed the buyer from the same screen, and printed out a packing slip.

Online Postage Payment
Plus, I paid for postage directly with PayPal.

Amazing integration between eBay and PayPal.

What used to take multiple steps is now really easy.

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