Friday, September 19, 2008

John McCain's voice analysis profile looks like that of someone who is clinically depressed

Sen. John McCain

Stu Hutson writes in New Scientist Tech, Software spots the spin in political speeches:
"'The voice analysis profile for McCain looks very much like someone who is clinically depressed,' says Pollermann, a psychologist who uses voice analysis software in her work with patients. Previous research on mirror neurons has shown that listening to depressed voices can make others feel depressed themselves, she says.

Pollermann uses auditory analysis software to map seven parameters of a person's speech, including pitch modulation, volume and fluency, to create a voice profile. She then compares that profile with the speaker's facial expressions, using as a guide a set of facial expressions mapped out by Ekman, called the Facial Action Coding System, to develop an overall picture of how they express themselves.

Her analysis shows that McCain's voice changes little in pitch as he speaks, and so conveys very little emotion or impact. Whether he is addressing positive prospects or discussing sad facts, his voice always sounds the same.

Additionally, McCain's voice and facial movements often do not match up, says Pollermann, and he often smiles in a manner that commonly conveys sarcasm when addressing controversial statements. 'That might lead to what I would call a lack of credibility.'"
I'm glad Stu wote this because I had a weird feeling after listening to McCain on the Spanish radio broadcast. Now I know what it was.

McCain Affective Disorder. MAD. Like SAD, but McCain.

We can't have four years of this.

We need the light of Barack Obama.

He's the cure.


Photo credit: JD Lasica/ CC BY-NC

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  1. To be fair McCain had an extensive lymphectomy in 2000 as part of the treatment for the melanoma removed in that year, and one of the side effects of lymphectomy in the face and neck region (besides the bloated lumpy look of the left side of his face) is nerve damage that can affect speech somewhat.

    Personally, I'm more concerned about all the "senior moments" that McCain has been having lately. The question of when a President is disabled, when talking about a disease such as Alzheimer's, is one that has never been medically or Constitutionally answered before, Alzheimers had not even been designated as a disease yet when that amendment to the Constitution was written. Setting up a Constitutional crisis when the whole nation is already in crisis sounds to me like a Bad Idea in spades...

    - Badtux the Politics Penguin