Monday, September 22, 2008

YouTube Town Hall Talk to Governor Patrick on 9/22 - OneWebDay 2008

Wanted to share this in case any readers want to participate:

YouTube Town Hall Talk to Governor Patrick on 9/22 - OneWebDay 2008

This summer, Gov. Deval Patrick hosted a series of town hall meetings and posted them to YouTube. Now is your chance to talk back to the Governor about the issues that are important to you.

Here's how:
1. Go to and Sign In using the link at the top right (if you don't have a YouTube account, create one by clicking the Sign Up link).

2. Click the large yellow button labeled Upload. Fill in the Title and Description elds -- use the phrase One Web Day MA in the title. Choose the Video Category called News & Politics. Tag the video with OWD MA, town hall, and the issue you are addressing (income tax, wind farm, education). The tags are key: we can't find your videos without them!

3. Click the Quick Capture button at the bottom. Inside of the box on the mid-left, there will be a small information
box that asks, Allow to access your camera and microphone?" Click Allow and Close.

Make sure your camera is turned on and your microphone volume is turned up (you should be able to see
yourself in the box).

4. When ready, click the Ready to Record button and record the message to Governor Patrick. When finished,
click the red square to stop. Click Preview to watch the recording. If satised, click Publish. If not, click Re-Record and try again.

5. Email and tell us about your contribution
That's all there is to it.

After OneWebDay, the Independence Year Foundation will collect the videos at, and will organize them by issue. That way, the conversation can continue.

To learn more about the organizations behind this project:
• OneWebDay:
• Independence Year Foundation:

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