Friday, September 05, 2008

RNC: Video Bloggers on CNN featuring Chuck Olsen

Here's my friend Chuck Olsen being interviewed live on CNN about The UpTake's RNC coverage. This would have been me, except for the fact that I wasn't in St. Paul.

The interview with me was all set up for yesterday, except for the specifics of the location. I was waiting to get the deatails on what remote studio I needed to go to.

I asked the producer if they wanted to also interview Chuck since he was in St. Paul. They said they only wanted me for this one, maybe next time.

Then when they told me the location was the Excel Center, we figured out that somewhere along the line they thought I was in Minnesota.

So yesterday morning the search was on to find Chuck and get him there in time for the interview. Emails, phone calls and tweets were sent out. Where in the world was Chuck? He made it. I think it was supposed to be on at 11:00, but I didn't see it live.

Here is it, on tape. Good job Chuck.

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