Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comcast: What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

Comcast: What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

Comcast Help & Support - Frequently Asked Questions about Excessive Use:
"What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

The vast majority - more than 99% - of Comcast customers will not be impacted by a 250 GB monthly bandwidth or data usage threshold. If a customer exceeds more than 250 GB and is one of the heaviest data users who consume the most data on our high-speed Internet service, he or she may receive a call from Comcast's Customer Security Assurance ('CSA') group to notify them of excessive use. At that time, Comcast will tell the customer exactly how much data per month he or she had used.

If a customer surpasses 250 GB and is one of the top users of the service for a second time within a six-month timeframe, his or her service will be subject to termination for one year. After the one year period expires, the customer may resume service by subscribing to a service plan appropriate to his or her needs."
It would be nice to know how much bandwidth we are using.

If Comcast can measure it, how about sending us a report?


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    If Comcast fails to supply some sort of online Bandwidth usage meter, they will find themselves in court for shutting people off without due cause. This will be next class action suit along with the large one for ETF with the cell phone companies right now.

  2. But... but... Comcast provides you the tools to know how much use you're making of your Internet! Just follow the link in the email! Why, here's what they say, in full, right off their FAQ:

    Q: How does Comcast help its customers track their usage so they can avoid exceeding the limit?

    There are many online tools customers can download and use to measure their consumption. Customers can find such tools by simply doing a Web search - for example, a search for "bandwidth meter" will provide some options. Customers using multiple PCs should just be aware that they will need to measure and combine their total monthly usage in order to identify the data usage for their entire account.

    Oops. Turns out they DON'T. Nevermind :-).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. @badtux You had me goign there, right up until the end.

    I downloaded one of those FREE tools from THE INTERNET.

    My system started crashing, it's never done that before. So I removed the free tool.

    If Comcast is measurign our usage, they need to share those numbers with us.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. I use a Macbook as my main PC and I carry it to work with me every day and every time I close the lid to carry it my network counters get reset, so their advice is utterly useless for me anyhow. I hook up to an Airport Extreme at home (which is in turn hooked to my cable modem) but it doesn't have any network counters at all. Thanks, Comcast, for proving that you're totally effin' evil and that Lucifer is one of your prized employees! And I say that as an evil effin' penguin, so I *know* evil...

    -- Badtux the Evil Penguin