Monday, September 01, 2008

I am a fan of Rick Sanchez

I just became a fan of Rick Sanchez on Facebook.

@acarvin tweet on CNN

His hurricane coverage of Gustav last night, on CNN, which included his on air use of social media tools like twitter was both groundbreaking and inspiring

I left him a note on his facebook page:
Hi Rick,
My wife and I watched you last night and were so impressed with the way you handled hte anchor duties. In Boston, we have a lot of teleprompter readers. You did an amazing job and we are truy fans.

Additionaly, your use of social media tools including twitter, facebook and MySpace, live online was an amazing breakthrough for cable news.

As a promoter of conversation with those that were formerly known as the audience, you did an amazing job last night to actually show TV viewers to power of social media.

Glad to hear you are getting our own show starting on September 8th.
Rick rules!

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