Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transcript: CNN interview with Vladimir Putin

(CNN) -- CNN's Matthew Chance interviewed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

Vladimir Putin:
"We don’t want any complications; we don’t want to quarrel with anyone; we don’t want to fight anyone. We want normal cooperation and a respectful attitude toward us and our interests. Is that too much?"
Sarah Palin should read this to John McCain.

CNN: Transcript: CNN interview with Vladimir Putin
CNN: Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

YouTube: Playlist: Putin interview with CNN on South Osetia
This is the full interview Putin gave CNN on Aug 28 2008. CNN only showed a few clips of the interview and skipped the most important details.
His famous interview from 28.08.08, which has never been shown in full anywhere except Russia. Will CNN show it to americans?

In this part:

1. Who gave an order, Medvedev or Putin?

2. Was this conflict a demonstration of power?

3. What is the prehistory of Ossetia vs. Georgia, Abkhazia vs. Georgia relations.

4. Do we enroach on Georgia sovereignty?

5. Can you give any guarantees to other countries? Incorrectly posed question.

6. Chronology of the conflict. Who started it and what was the order of events.

7. We hoped that US administration will interfere and stop Georgia.

8. How Georgia bombed Dzhava and russian peacekeepers.

9. Who attacked whom.

10. Does the fact, that US-president was not able to keep Georgia from aggression, affect your mutual relations?

11. Even in the times of Cold War we always avoided direct confrontation between our servicemen. Now we have reasons to conjecture that US military men were present on the battlefield during military operations.

12. This would mean an internal political dimesion for the US.

13. Did some persons in the US provoke this conflict?

14. Middle East, Afganistan, Iraq, economy, mortgage - need for a small victorious war - otherwise portray Russia as aggressor.

15. Are you afraid of sunctions?

16. What will be russian answer to isolation?

17. What is our choice? Let them kill us in exchange of G8 membership?

18. This is not our ships near your coast, this is your ships near our coast. Is this what they call the "Russian threat"?

19. Can Russia refuse to collaborate with their partners?

20. What about oil and gas supply?

21. We never politicize economical relations.

22. Don't you think the prestige of Russia will suffer from all this?

23. Who opened Pandora's box in the international relations?

24. Little girl on Fox News.

25. Did Russia support separatist regimes?
IHT: Putin suggests U.S. role in Georgia clash
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