Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Sarah Palin Stands For

Gov. Sarah Palin
Gov. Sarah Palin by buddhakiwi, on Flickr CC BY ND What Sarah Palin Stands For:
"The other night, we found ourselves engaged in a political conversation with a chatty waiter, a young gay man who had just watched the Republican primary. 'Did you see Sarah Palin's speech?' he asked us. 'She's really pretty, and I loved her attitude. Maybe she's just what this country needs.'

For him, it wasn't relevant that Ms. Palin was ignorant of the world, an advocate of censorship, a person who does not hesitate to borrow God's authority for herself and her causes, a person incapable of distinguishing between the personal and the political, and an inexperienced (and, apparently, fiscally irresponsible) leader. It didn't matter, either, that Palin is a member of a church that advocates that gay people need to be cured of their homosexuality in order to be considered acceptable to God [Source - AP Wire Reports].

All that mattered to this young man was her looks and her attitude. 'She seems spunky,' he said.

In the end, as responsible citizens, I suggest we need to focus less on a candidate's apparent spunk and sparkle, and more on what she has achieved ... and how she has achieved it."
Head over to Mark's blog to read more on Sarah Palin's Ignorance of the Outside World, Censorship, Borrowing Authority from God, Making the Personal Political, and Inexperience.

Very clearly written. Scary.

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