Friday, June 05, 2009

A Great Way to Spend a Sunday!

I'm being interviewed for a newspaper article about my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Here are the notes that I thought of to get ready.

Smooth as Glass

Get some excersise - Walk Jamaica Pond:
I walk the 1 1/2 miles around Jamaica Pond almost every day. It's a great way to get excersise. If you enjoy people and pet watching, this is a great place for taking a walk. As the season progresses you can watch the baby ducks and get grow. I also like to take a moment to shoot some photos while on my walks.

Boston Media Makers

Meet some friends - Boston Media Makers Brunch at Doyle's [ First Sunday of Every Month ]:
I've run the Boston Media Makers since January of 2006. It's a casual event organized to allow everyone in attendance to be able to meet every other person. It started out as video centric, but has grown to include artists, realtors, photographers, movie makers, radioa and tv producers, teachers and more. Anyone who is interested in taking the pulse of how media makers are taking advantage of the web and social media should come by to join us.

Boston Sunday Globe

Relax - Reading the Sunday Newspaper:
I enjoy reading the paper each morning, Sunday's included. We subscribe the the Boston Globe and Wall Street Jourrnal. When I make time for it, I also enjoy grabbing a copy of the Sunday New York Times.

Orange Line Train

Wander - Heading into Boston on the Orange Line to be a tourist and ending up at a bar for a drink:
Boston has a lot to offer and any weekend you can find something to do in town. Many times I'll log on to Yelp! to see where there might be a good place to check out while walking around the city. Here's my Yelp! page with reviews.

VeeVee JP

Dinner - Supporting a locally owned restaurant:
Dinner at VeeVee in JP at the bar talking with Dan, the owner, sampling beer from his unique selection, and enjoying on of his chef's creative meals.

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  1. A+ post - loved every single way you spend your Sunday!!!