Friday, June 12, 2009

How To Add Video to Twitter

I'm excited to be going to Jeff Pulver's 140 Character conference in NYC next week.

I'll be on a panel about twitter video on Wednesday with:

Christian Payne (@Documentally)
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - CMO, Kodak
Sukhjit Ghag (@sukhjit)

Here's the full 140 Conference schedule.

Video on Twitter
Video coming to twitter reminds me of when video came to blogging. It's really not that different.

What you are doing is adding video to a twitter post, just like adding video to a blog post.

Keep in mind: You can record video anywhere and just post a link to it in twitter. It's not hard.

The fun part about it is seeing all the ways that developers are trying to make it seamless.

I've been evaluating many of the twitter video solutions and am looking forward to discussing them at the conference.

Big news from yesterday, YouTube now integrates directly with twitter, so that when you post a video on YouTube, a twitter post can automatically be sent.

Here's my first video, recorded via the web, directly to YouTube:

Uploads will be posted to your connected services after they have finished processing, which might take a little while.

YouTube auto tweeted this:
I uploaded a YouTube video -- YouTube to Twitter - Webcam Recorded Video

You can set this up from your YouTube Video Upload Page. Let me know if you get this working.

Note: I've been trying to get this working but you've got to log in with a Google username and that's confusing things. Not sure why YouTube is requiring me to use a Google sign on to integrate twtitter. It would seem simpler to just ask me for to autorize YouTube to post to twitter like many other sites do.

Update: I got it working. You've got to log out of YouTube, then log in to Google, then go to YouTube and log in with your Google username/password, then log in with your YouTube username/password, then click on twitter to authorise YouTube to post to twitter, or something like that. Way too confusing.

I've been using Qik from my Nokia N95-3 to automatically send a message to notify my twitter followers that I'm streaming live. That's been running for a long time.

Here are some of my initial tests of services that integrate directly with twitter. These are tweets that the video services sent out:

Hello from 12 Seconds on

12seconds - Hello from 12 Seconds

Seesmic Needs More Cowbell!...

Trying out

Watch my video on twitvid

yfrog - test 1:
Recorded to yfrog via tweetie Mac application
Oops. [ An error occured during video conversion, please try again later or upload another video ]

yfrog - test 2:

Testing the tweetie mac desktop app with yfrog video integration

Note: When using the tweetie Mac app, you can't preview your yfrog video before saving. It's fast though.

Mobatalk Test 1:
MobaTalk which failed to let me upload using Safari 4. I'm waiting to hear back on where the video was recorded locally to be able to upload it. Most of these services use a flash recorder that records over the internet. MobaTalk records locally giving you a higher quality video.

Mobatalk Test 2:

Testing Mobatalk. Nice quality....

This test used Firefox.

There are lots more video twitter services to test too.

What are your favorite ways to integrate video with twitter?

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