Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nantucket: Driving a Smart Car Day 2

The day on Nantucket started off foggy, which to a photographer means, let's get out there and shoot some photos.

Nantucket Harbor

I took a walk to the Brant Point Lighthouse. It's always fun to try and get a unique shot. This is one of the standard angles.

Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket

Here's a more creative shot.

Brant Point Lighthouse and Sea Shells

All these photos were taken with the Apple iPhone 3GS. It now has selective focus so you can create shots that have depth of field. For this shot, I placed the iPhone on the beach and pressed my finger on the shells in the foreground to focus there. Fun shot!

Here's a movie where you can hear the fog horn and see the beach:

This next shot is of Sankaty Lighthouse. I used the selective focus again on these dasies.

Sankaty Lighthouse, Nantucket

This is my favorite shot of the day.

It was a sunny day on nantucket so we put the top down on the Smart car. If goes down with the press of a button. Very nice.

Mission #1: Siasconset

Here we are in Siasconset.

Next we drove to Madaket beach.

Here we are driving:

Here's the beach:

Mission #2: Madaket Beach

The water was freezing. I know because all the kids who were running into the ocean were screaming!

Surfside Beach Club: Nantucket

More driving:

That's the Surfside Beach Club. A nice place for dinner.

While sitting out in the sun I got a tweet from RD Sahl of @NECN and he wanted me to send in a photo of the sun. Here's one of two I sent.

Sunny Nantucket

Then I got a tweet from RD and Tim Kelley wanting to know what time I took the photo. Um, guys, you just asked me to take a photo. So the time I emailed it to you is the time I took it within a minute or two.

They used the photos on the 7 PM news.

Next we met a great group of Nantucket people at the first Nantucket Tweetup. It was held at currentVintage, an eclectic clothing, accessories and wine store right in town.

Nantucket Tweetup

Nantucket Tweetup

Nantucket Tweetup

Nantucket Tweetup

Nantucket Tweetup

Nantucket Tweetup

After the tweetup we had dinner at the two weeks old TOWN restaurant. It's got a very varied and interesting menu.

Town: Nantucket

It's a nice place. Try it.

We ended the night at the White Elephant bar. I had a Cisco Brewers Moor Porter.

Cisco Brewers Moor Porter

So good!


  1. Thanks for posting these, Steve! It was fun to meet you. Enjoy your travels!


  2. nice photos! except I kinda have 2 black eyes. Ohm,need more sleep! PS my site which I mentioned- is

    Thanks and have a great sail back!
    Mark aka manfmnantucket