Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Got a Flip Clock for my iPhone: No More Blinking Cursor

I replaced my Comcast DVR with a new TiVo HD system. I also got a Home Theatre System as part of the Panasonic Living in HD program.

No Time Left For Us
Unlike the Comcast DVR, or even old VCR's for that matter, the TiVo does not display the time, and the Panasonic receiver displays "Cable/Sat", which Carol refers to as Cable/Saturday.

Cable/Sat - No Time Display

The Solution - Flip Clock
Larva Labs - Flip Clock.

This is great. It's just like an old alarm clock that I had as a kid. It's 99 cents in the iTunes App Store.

I tried to find a similar solution for one of my S60 devices, but couldn't.

The Apple App store makes it so easy. I just paid for and downloaded this app directly from the iPhone over WiFi.

Now I've found a use for my 1st Gen iPhone. ;-)

11:44 No More Blinking Cursor

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