Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This Entrance Will Be Closed Sunday, May, 31st

Saw this sign next to Starbucks. It's a great sign. I wonder what it cost to make for one day of use.

"This Entrance Will Be Closed Sunday, May, 31st. Please use Arlington Street Entrance".


  1. Well, I'm sure it meant "closed STARTING Sunday, May 31" ...

  2. It IS a nice sign. The cost? Probably too much, but, still, a nice sign! Now, if only the actual workers on the T would smile like Charlie there, then we'd have something worth the money...

  3. @Ron - Ha ha ha! LOL. You are right.

    @Suldog - On the 39 bus yesterday heading in to Boston, the driver was very rude to me. I ususaly take the Orange line, but yesterday took the bus. The bus was stopped at a red light at the library and I asked if I could get out. The driver replied, "You get out at the bus stop." I asked, "Is it up there where it says Copley?" He replies, "When it's a bus stop, you'll know it's a bus stop."

    He could have just as easily said, that the next stop was at the next corner.

  4. @Ron Now they need a new sign.

    "This Entrance is Closed. Please use Arlington Street Entrance"