Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chuck and Lori Live Streamed their Wedding and Paused to Twitter

My good friends Chuck and Lori live streamed their wedding yesterday on Livestream at

At one point in the ceremony the program caled for "reflection and tweeting." That's when Check and Lori took photos of each other and posted them to TwitPic with their iPhones.


Totally getting married!


Pants status: Married

When I saw the photos on my iPhone, I shared them on flickr.

Chuck: MarriedLori: Married

I was watching the ceremony from my mom's and chatting with other guests. You could follow the twitter hastag #chucknlori to see what people were saying on twitter.

I'm so happy that they shared the ceremony online.


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  1. I'm following you on Twitter and found this wedding/tweeting/streaming event to be very interesting in the light of using technology. In addition, I think it's just plain sweet and couldn't resist posting about it to my own blog, life-in-the-tweet-lane.