Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elderhostel becomes Exploritas

Boston Globe once again writes about a website without linking to the website. Still lame.

Elderhostel looks to the younger set - The Boston Globe:
"In an effort to attract new clients in a tough economy, Elderhostel, the popular program founded in 1975 to help senior citizens travel on the cheap, is changing its name to Exploritas, lowering its minimum age requirement to 21, and trying to revamp its image - causing some consternation along the way.

Some of the Boston-based company’s older clients are not happy about the name change, which becomes official Thursday, nor are they shy about expressing their feelings on Exploritas’s new social networking site. Others are unhappy about the lowering of the minimum age. When Elderhostel was created, people 60 and older could join. In 1993 the minimum age was dropped to 55."
Find Elderhostel/Exploritas on the web.

The Exploritas Connection social networking site.

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