Friday, September 18, 2009

Steve Garfield's Video Highlights

I used's playlist function to put together a player with selected videos. One problem with using a blog to display videos is that over time, you older videos get lost in the archives. With playlists, you can select a group of videos, and feature them on your blog or website.

You can press the FF button to go to the next video.

I'm working to configure the player to show the playlist on the right hand side. It's just a configuration setting I need to learn.

Are some of these videos new to you?


Thanks to Mike Moon for explaining how to configure hte player.

> At Blip, Dashboard, Players.
> Add a new player. Add whatever buttons etc. Save it.
> Now go back to the list of players and you'll see the Embed at the bottom.
> Click on embed, select Playlist, select your playlist and copy the embedded
> code. Paste away in WordPress or where ever.

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