Sunday, September 06, 2009

Boston Media Makers 090609

Oh Snap! It's Violet at Boston Media Makers.

Watch her video where she interviews Emily, Joeseph and me!

More Photos.

Dan Ronken writes a great post about the meeting, Attraction Trumps Promotion - Having a Blast with Boston Media Makers.
This was the most fun I've had at a 'networking' (that's not even the right word, felt more like a gathering of friends) meeting I've ever attended. Our 'three minute' introduction consisted not of sales pitches , but was more about sharing valuable information or asking for advice.

Members of the group were then sending 'real time messages' via Twitter to their extended networks which has an immediate effect of reaching an audience of potentially thousands of people in a matter of seconds. I already knew that blogging generates business, but this is real time communication I'm talking about here. I want to emphasis, this is NOT about sales pitches, it's about connecting with, and helping people.

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