Monday, September 28, 2009

Driving in Ireland

Driving a Nissan Micra. I'm glad the car is so small because there's not much room on the roads.

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  1. Steve, we lived in Ireland for four years. Your video reminded me of an email I sent back to a friend in the States when he asked about driving on the small roads. "The roads are nearly all so narrow that there are no dividing lines painted on them—it would only highlight the ridiculously skinny proportions of the tarmac. It would be a useless taunt, as you could never drive exclusively “on your side.” As it is, you just tool along taking up 70% of the road until an approaching vehicle causes you to slide up along the hedgerow or stone wall or roadside muck (eyes squeezed shut in my case). If the opposing driver is in a Mercedes, then all bets are off as they NEVER move over to give way. Des