Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jolicloud Turns Your Old Piece of Junk Computer into an Internet Terminal

Jolicloud is the portable HTML5 desktop that you can bring with you across all your devices, which means you can always be connected with all your files, friends and Web apps wherever you go.

With Jolicloud, you can launch and organize your favorite Web apps just like real apps. There are more than 1000+ popular Web apps that connect to Jolicloud desktop, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs, Spotify, Boxee and much more. Jolicloud also connects all of your Web storage together, so you can access all your files, photos, videos and music from across the cloud in one place. Plus, a unified social stream not only lets you see what your friends are up to, but also shows you what new apps they're using.

My Jolicloud lets you access your Jolicloud desktop from any Chrome browser.
Visit Jolicloud.

Try it online with Google Chrome Browser.

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