Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I stream Soylent Green? Amazon Prime Streaming Video vs. Netflix

I wanted to try out Prime Streaming video on my TiVo, but soon found out that it's not supported yet. So I tried streaming it to my browser. Works well, great movie.

Q: Can I watch Soylent Green on my TiVo?

A: Amazon Prime: No, but you can stream it in a browser.

Netflix: No. Only available on DVD.

Netflix and TiVo

Q: How many movies and TV shows can I watch?

A: Amazon Prime: 5,000 movies and TV shows from their library of 90,000 movies and TV shows.

Netflix: Unofficially from this guy on, between 43,000 and 90,000.

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  1. I tried accessing and watching an Amazon movie from my iPhone's browser. It wouldn't load and said I needed Flash.

    Amazon needs a seamless user experience across all devices to truly take on Netflix (in addition to a full library.)