Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trying to Watch The Social Network at Home


At first I thought I'd watch The Social Network via Netflix and add it to my queue.

But when I last went to check, I saw that it was a very long wait.

Netflix Very Long Wait for The Social Network

And it's not available for streaming.

Next try, Amazon.

Amazon: Video On Demand - Streaming

I've got on Demand video on my TiVo. When I chose to watch the movie, I was asked for a 4 digit PIN #. I didn't know my PIN #. D'oh!

TiVo - Confirm Rental

Time to head to the computer.

Amazon: Video On Demand - Download

I went over to my computer and chose to Download the movie to my Tivo.

The Social Network on Amazon

Then I went to the TiVo to see the status of the download. Nothing.

Watched last week's Glee, then took a look at NOW PLAYING. The Social Network was not there.

Ended up giving up and checked mail.

Download Failed
There were a number of failure messages telling me that my Tivo didn't have enough room on it to download The Social Network.
Greetings from the Amazon Video on Demand Team!

Thank you for your recent order from Amazon Video on Demand. Please note that we were unable to download your Amazon Video on Demand video to your TiVo box at this time because it does not have enough available disk space.

To download your Amazon Video on Demand video to your TiVo box, please take the following steps:

Free up disk space on your TiVo box
To make space, delete programs which have been recorded in the last 48 hours or which you have set to "Keep until I delete" (look for the green dot)

To make room for a 2 hour Amazon Video on Demand video, you should delete at least:

- 1 hour of programming recorded at TiVo's Best Quality setting
- 1 1/2 hours at the "High Quality" setting
- 2 hours at the "Medium Quality setting", or
- 4 hours at the "Basic Quality" setting

Restart the download of your video from Amazon Video on Demand Your Video Library...

Your video should begin downloading to your TiVo DVR within 15 minutes

Links to additional information about the Amazon Video on Demand on TiVo service are below for your reference.

Thank you for shopping with Amazon Video on Demand on TiVo.
After making room, the download started.

Note: It cost $3.99 to download to my TiVo via the computer vs. $4.99 to download directly from the TiVo.

Feedback to Amazon
So I gave some feedback to suggesting that they send the failure message direct to the TiVo box Messages.

Amazon Responds
Amazon wrote right back:
Thanks for suggesting that we add the ability to send an error message such as the insufficient space to the TiVo messages directly, to Video On Demand. Customer feedback like yours is very important in helping us continue to improve the experience of watching our digital videos.

I appreciate your thoughts and I have forwarded your suggestion to the Video On Demand team.

Thanks for using Amazon Video on Demand.
Nice fast response.

I'll be Watching - Very Soon
The Social Network is now on my TiVo. I'll be watching it shortly. Very shortly it seems since it's going to be deleted from my TiVo tomorrow!

The Social Network - Keep Until Tomorrow

Where would you go to watch The Social Network?


  1. Where would I go to watch "The Social Network?" Well, if they make it this hard to watch, they're asking people to go to the Pirate Bay, that's where.

  2. To directly answer your question - I'd love to watch it via Facebook. What an opportunity to recreate community. 9pm eastern on a Wednesday night, and right next to the video player is a stream of everyone watching, or all your friends, or just a select, customized group of your friends.