Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We Are All Whole Foods

We Are All Whole Foods, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY


We Are All Whole Foods


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Are you serious? There is a facebook group promoting this chain? This is so sad. Just because its a chain for the wealthy, some people think it is somehow different than if Wal-Mart or Target moved in. Sure, there is a cache for the Gap crowd with Whole Foods, but the fact is it still is taking money from this community and sending it to a far off headquarters (in this case TX).

    Plus, for people interested in supporting liberal causes, all three are owned by big time conservatives who donate to conserve causes. If you shop at Whole Foods, you are helping the tea party. For neocons who love supporting out of state companies, hey, you win.

  2. JP South11:55 AM

    Yeah, because NOBODY knows that Whole Foods management are libertarian. Way to let that secret out of the bag, anon.

    Oh, and the comparison to Wal-Mart: Priceless. Just because WF doesn't feel like dealing with a union (FedEx doesn't either) and offers high-deductible insurance doesn't make it Wal-Mart, which still closes branches that threaten to unionize, offers almost no health insurance (and considers Medicare part of its insurance plan) and manufactures much of its cheapest product for slave wages in China and Taiwan.

    Oh, and while some profits go to Texas -- just as Shaw's profits go to SuperValu headquarters in Minneapolis -- the jobs are created here. That includes a net gain of 60 retail jobs here in JP, contract growing for local farms like Allandale and fishing contracts at the Whole Foods facility on Pigeon Cove in Gloucester.

    This group isn't promoting the chain, just its right to open in JP. "For the wealthy" -- right. I take it you've never shopped at King's, Jefferson Market or Harrod's?