Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Daily on iPad: First Impressions

Don't they have a User Interface group over there?

The Daily: Facebook Integration

I've been tweeting out my impressions on The Daily:

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
#thedaily twitter sharing should include the story title instead of "Check out this article from The Daily" #FAIL #MysteryMeatNavigation
1 minute ago F

Note: See below. :-)

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
Check out this article from The Daily:
3 minutes ago

Note: Please add a title to your tweet this function. The way it stands is Mystery Meat Navigation.

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
Just added an audio comment on this Natalie Portman article. #TheDaily: Sweet!
6 minutes ago

Note: Audio Comments are AWESOME!

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
#thedaily Facebook default sharing text needs to be customizable.
10 minutes ago

Note: I don't want to share the same lame Facebook default text every time. Also, don't add HTML

Example text:
I want to share the web version of an article from The Daily, the tablet-based original news publication.
Baby love
Forget about the Best Actress Oscar she's expected to win for "Black Swan." Natalie Portman has…

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
#thedaily Facebook sharing text box needs to be scrollable, bigger, or expandable.
10 minutes ago

Note: You can't read the whole default Facebook text unless you select the text.

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
Sharing a #thedaily story.
13 minutes ago

Note: URL was deleted when I edited the message.

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
#thedaily Pinch to enlarge text doesn't.
16 minutes ago

stevegarfield Steve Garfield
#thedaily Editing profile to add avatar crashes app. Twice.


"Turn to see story" #TheDaily #stupid #fail #myipadisattachedtoawall #wallee

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