Tuesday, January 03, 2012

How to Create a Free Google Search Story Video

Video: Steve Garfield, Get Seen, Boston Media Makers

Here's an easy way to make a video without having to be on camera or using a video camera.

Google has a free application, Google Search Stories Video Creator, that lets you create a video by entering search terms.

You are allowed to enter six search terms which are acted upon and one search term for the final page.

I chose three search terms for Google Search:

Steve Garfield, Get Seen, and Boston Media Makers.

Then I used the same terms with a Google Image Search.

I used "Visit for more" as my final search term.

Here are the steps.

Search Stories: Step 1 Enter Search Terms

Enter Search Terms

Search Stories: Step 2 Choose Music

Choose Music

Search Stories: Step 3 Preview and Upload

Preview & Upload

This is a great way to make a video.

Seen at [ Sean ]

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