Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Make Your Mac Email Signature Clickable

I saw that @AmberMac was looking for good examples of email signatures. I sent her mine as a bad example.

Email Signature Before:

emailsig: before

She just wrote an article about how to make your email signature better, The 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal Brand.

Here's how you can make your Mac email signature clickable and look like this:

Email Signature After:

emailsig: after
Image: Email Signature Improved

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When I first tried to do this, I just put standard HTML code in the signature file of my email. That didn't work.

You have to use the Mac email options to set this up.

Here's how.



Make a new one or edit and existing one.

Then, in the body of the signature, type in the text that you want to have as a link.

SELECT the text, RIGHT CLICK on it and choose, LINK > ADD LINK...

LINK > Add Link
Image: Add Link... menu

Then PASTE IN or TYPE IN a link.

Mail URL
Image: Adding a Link


Close out of the window and you are done.

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