Monday, January 16, 2012

Chris Brogan's New Web Video Series: SHHH! The Secret Show

Chris Brogan is starting up a new show for 2012, it's called SHHH! The Secret Show

The thing I like about SHHH! The Secret Show is that it's a work in progress, and Chris isn't afraid to make a show that's not perfect.

During the show he asks for suggestions and happily shows things that go wrong.

Chris Brogan: A Stand Up Comic who does Social Media
For Chris, I think this is a good way to go. The other day I described Chris as a Stand Up Comic who does Social Media. I like to see the fun side of Chris, and it comes out here.

A good example of a similar type of show was one by Loic Le Meur when he was starting his company, Seesmic (I'm an investor). Loic brought you through his thoughts on each step of building his company and we were along for the ride.

Here's a video by Loic from 10/5/2009 where he casually gives an update on Seesmic:

It doesn't take much to get started with web video.

Now let's take a closer look at Chris' first show. Chris asked for feedback, so here's my take on a moment in the show when the lights turned on and off.

Chris mentions lighting a few times, and promises to get better at it, but you can really notice the lighting issues he has when out of nowhere, his Fancierstudio 500 LED Video Light (affiliate link) turns on in the middle of a sentence.

This is how it looks with the light on:

Secret Show with Lighting

Direct Link to 26m42s with Lighting:

Whoa! That looks so much better.

It's funny that Chris didn't mention the light magically turning on like that.

Then, a moment later, the light shuts off:

Secret Show Without Lighting

Direct link to 26m51s without lighting:

See how much better the image looks with light added?

I wonder why Chris didn't mention it... I'm sure he'll let us know what happened.

Watch the full show here:

Andrea Kates, How to Make Chai, and Theme Music – Episode 01

Here's the Fancy 500LED light that Chris uses. Nice price.

Chris Brogan's Google+ Book:

My book on how to do web video:


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  1. Clever way to use his example as an educating moment in film instruction. Your feedback helpful and insightful. Your teaching style always accessible/approachable. Thank you!