Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Obama Wins New Hampshire Democratic Primary Election

Official portrait of President-elect Barack Obama
President Barack Obama won the New Hampshire Democratic Primary Election with 82% of the vote over his closest challenger, Ed Cowen coming in at 2%. Details here.

Following Cowen were five candidates with 1%, Vermin Supreme, Randall Terry, Cornelius O'Connor, John Haywood, and Craig Freis. Seven other candidates came in at a statistical 0% with vote totals under 300 votes.

This is a big win for the President. In 2008, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the New Hampshire Primary and that win signaled the start of a tough and drawn out campaign for the Democratic nomination.

This year will be different.

Let's see how long the Republicans continue to beat each other up on the campaign trail, softening up the preemptive nominee, Mitt Romney, for the general election.

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  1. Did you by any chance see the Haywood For President ads that ran on the local New Hampshire stations the night before the primary? I had the pleasure of enjoying three of them. He actually came off as not a complete nutcase, perhaps a person who could have had a reasonable chance at state rep or some lower-level office. His website is fair enough, outlining a whole bunch of stuff that a libertarian such as myself wouldn't find fun, but not totally bizarre (excluding, perhaps, some rants about Zionism that may veer toward the edge.)