Monday, January 16, 2012

My commentary on TopIdol's 69th Golden Globes Live Blogging

Photo: Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon present the Golden Globe for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – MOTION PICTURE for “The Artist” courtesy HFPA

My commentary on selected posts from 69th Golden Globes: Live Blogging This Stuff, 2012 JANUARY 15 by TopIdol:
Greetings people of the universe. Starting a bit late tonight but I couldn’t NOT live blog the Golden Globes. And since there’s sure to be tons o’ commercials, I should be caught up in no time.

We should really just start importing every British show. So Downton Abbey is considered a mini-series or TV movie in this instance, yet there is a Series 2 and it won for Best Drama Series at the Emmys. What’s it gonna be Downton?

ME: Yes. We should import every British Show. Plus, I'm joining in and calling Downton Abbey, Downtown Abbey.

“I know that God and my agent have the same amount of input into my career…it’s gotta be done.”

ME: Loved this.

Ok. Now pairing Adam “Moves Like Jagger” Levine with Jagger-imitating Jimmy Fallon was a mild stroke of brilliance.

ME: Jimmy Fallon on Awards shows, or anywhere on tv, even commercials = Always great.

Quit. Trying. To. Make. Katherine. McPhee. Happen.

ME: It's gonna happen.

Clare Danes will never win an Oscar. You also should not look that old. You should not look like Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman has 15 years on you. Clare Danes, please stop talking.

ME: Leave Claire Danes Alone!

Note to self: See The Artist. Soon.

ME: Agreed.

You could conceivably just give the award to Meryl Streep every time she’s nominated and then give another to someone else and it would still be okay.

ME: Ha!
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