Monday, February 06, 2012

Disappointed in Patriot James Ihedigbo calling UMass 'Zoo Mass'

I was shocked when I head James Ihedigbo call UMass 'Zoo Mass' on the Super Bowl broadcast.

I'm an alumni alumnus of UMass and for years we've tried to removed the tag 'Zoo Mass' from the school.

I'd thought we did.

It's not funny.

When I was at UMass I studied and went to parties. When friends came up for the weekend, we'd show them the BEST  TIME EVER by taking them around to all the best parties.   Then they'd go home and tell EVERYONE that UMass was such a fun party school.

That's how the label Zoo Mass gets propogated.

What they didn't see was that when they left, I'd be in the library studying every day and night.

Bad Feelings
James Ihedigbo gave me a bad feeling at the start of the broadcast.

I hope he appologises.

But he probably won't.

He's done it before.


  1. 100% agree, Steve. My mother and step-father were professors at UMass until they retired (my mother still teaches classes there, post-retirement). It's one thing to call our state's University ZooMass in private (still not helpful), but another thing entirely to represent it that way to the nation. Shame on James.

  2. And to top it off, Ihedigbo is also a graduate of Amherst Regional High School. I suppose he got indoctrinated to the school's nickname at an early age.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Ihedigbo has done this before every televised game this year. He doesn't get it, nor do the idiots who decided that having a small riot outside their dorm after the Super Bowl would be a good idea. They don't understand that when students call their school the Zoo or riot, it hurts THEM. It affects the reputation of UMass around the country. If Umass students don't think that their future employers pay attention to UMass's reputation for being a zoo where students act like animals, they are deceiving themselves.

    Also, Steve, you are not "an alumni of UMass." You are "an alumnus of UMass." Alumni is the plural and alumnus is singular.