Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eventbrite Needs to Add Native Twitter Support

Just saw this tweet from Jeff Pulver about a State of NOW / #140conf cocktail party at SXSW:

I clicked over to register and see that eventbrite has still not added native support for twitter names.

The list of attendees looks like this:

Kristin Dziadul, Marketing Analyst, Backupify
twitter name: kristinedziadul

Tim Street, Vice President , Mobile Video
twitter name: 1timstreet

Andy Fruchter, Head of Business Development, Shaker
twitter name: @andrewfruchter

Chad Smith, Mobile Developer, SHS
twitter name:
Only the twitter name with the full URL is clickable.

When you set up an event with eventbrite, "twitter name" is not a standard field. You need to create a custom field to capture twitter names.

Eventbrite - twitter - custome field entry - State of NOW (#140conf) SXSW Cocktail Party
Image: Custom field to capture twitter name

When you add a custom field for twitter name, people will enter either:

- Their twitter name
- Their Twitter name preceded by an @
- The full URL of their twitter name
When these names get displayed as seen in the example above, only the twitter name with the full URL is clickable.

If you are an event organizer, add instructions on how to enter twitter name, so people will add the complete URL.

EX: Twitter Name (ex:

I've suggested to eventbrite that they make 'twitter name' a standard field, allowing registrants to enter their name, and then having the system display it as a clickable link back to their twitter page.

It would also be nice if there was a 'follow' button on the registration list so people could just click to follow anyone they'd like.

Do you agree?

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