Friday, February 24, 2012

10 reasons Top Chef should come to Boston - Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal just ran an article titled, 10 reasons Top Chef should come to Boston.

I've got a few issues with it.

First of all, the article doesn't even include the 10 reasons in it. You have to click throughout 10 pages of photos in an image gallery so they get page views.

#YouGottaTryBoston Hashtag
Second, the Digitas campaign isn't consistently using the #YouGottaTryBoston hashtag in advertising. You don't see it in the Boston Globe ads.

In today's @bostonglobe @BravoTV #TopChef #YouGottaTryBoston
Image: Globe Ad

Seek First To Understand
Third, based on published reports, the city has to agree to kick in $200 - 300K and Seattle seems to already be in the running.

My question, have city officials been in contact with TopChef and have we offered the cash it takes to get the show here?

Without that involvement and commitment, all the social media in the world won't make it happen.


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