Saturday, February 11, 2012

Church Braces to Fight People's Right To Die

I think my headline is better.

Boston Globe, Church braces to fight doctor-aided suicide:
Steve Crawford, a spokesman for Dignity 2012, the leading support group for the ballot initiative, said that the archdiocese’s effort was expected...

Crawford pointed out that Dignity 2012 has had a website supporting its cause for months, at, and said it is wrong to view the ballot initiative as a call for physician-assisted suicide.

These are people who are being killed by their disease, they have been certified by two doctors as being terminally ill, and their physician will be allowed to prescribe them life-ending medications which they will self-administer,’’ he said. “The physician is not allowed [to administer the drugs] and the death certificate will list their disease as the cause of death.’’
Would be nice if the links in the article were clickable.


Boston Magazine: Death with Dignity?
Cardinal Sean O'Malley and the Catholic Church need to stop the fear-mongering so Massachusetts can have an honest debate about physician-assisted suicide.

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