Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flickr implements 'nopin' code to block Pinterest from private photos (update) | The Verge

Here we go:

T.C. Sottek writes for The Verge: Flickr implements 'nopin' code to block Pinterest from private photos (update) | The Verge
Popular photo sharing site Pinterest has recently been the subject of copyright concern over its handling of third-party content, and on Monday it responded to that concern by implementing a "nopin" code that allows content creators to prevent their works from being pinned.
I wanted to see how this works so I went over to Flickr and tried to pin one of my own photos which is public and sharable with a Creative Commons license.

Image: Pin It

When I clicked my Pintrest Bookmarklet, or Pinmarklet, it allowed me to pin the photo by bringing up the Pin dialog box. I pressed Pin It, and the photo end on to my Pintrest board. Yay beer!

Image: My beer photo on Pinterest

Next I found an image that would not allow sharing and tried to pin it.

Image: Fashion by Nikita Ostroymov. This site doesn't allow pinning to Pinterest.

Up popped a dialog box that said,
"This site doesn't allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!"
Well,, obviously that's not exactly right since flickr does allow pinning of public photos that are sharable. A quick look at the code shows how the no pin code shows up.

Image: Flickr no pin code

Per Flickr:
The photo page now includes this tag if you have opted out of sharing (or if it is not a public photo).

Here are the settings on my account where I allow sharing.

Image: Flickr - Allow others to share your stuff setting set to 'Yes'

If flickr users don't want their images to be able to be shared they just have to change this setting to 'No'.

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