Thursday, October 18, 2012

How To: Import iPhoto Movie Files into Final Cut Pro X (FCP X)

Final Cut Pro: Import Files

For some reason Apple doesn't make this easy. It should be intuitive, but I couldn't figure it out. All I wanted to do was to import movies from iPhoto into Final Cut Pro X.

I had to Google it to see what the solution was, an all I found were peopel complaining that they couldn't figure it out.

It's easy, but not intuitive.

Here's how to Import iPhoto Movie Files into Final Cut Pro X (FCP X):

STEP 1: Choose the menu item FILE > IMPORT > FILES

STEP 2: CLICK 'Import Files'

Import Movie Files from iPhoto into FCP X

STEP 3: In the left hand part of the FCP X 'Import Files' dialog box, CLICK Movies, then select the movie files that you want to import.

Note: These are iPhoto Movie Files. I know, it's not intuitive.

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