Monday, October 15, 2012

Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution. A new book by Andy Carvin.

Distant Witness

My friend Andy Carvin's book has a title, a cover design, and Facebook page.

Next up pre-order info. ;-)



Cuny Journalism Press:
The CUNY Journalism Press is the academic publishing imprint of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Part of the City University of New York, the CUNY Journalism Press publishes both traditional print books and e-books about journalists and journalism. We welcome inquiries about our books and our authors, and we welcome proposals for future books from prospective authors.
Start the presses by Jeff Jarvis:
I’m thrilled to announce that the first book to be published is by none other than @acarvin, aka Andy Carvin, the man who tweeted the Arab Spring and showed us all a new way to think of journalism and how it must add value to the flow of information the net now enables. Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution, will be released later this year (and available for pre-order soon). I recommend the book to you all. I’ve had the privilege to read it — and write its foreword.
Here's an interview I did with Andy Carvin on 2/17/11 discussing Egypt.

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