Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Travel Tip: When flying JetBlue, Get the Even More Speed, Even More Space Upgrade.

Hi @JetBlue
Image: JetBlue at Logan International Airport

When I travel, I don't like any hassles.

I like to plan.

I like to get to the airport early.

I like to leave time, so that if anything unexpected happens, I don't have to rush, or miss my flight.

I never check my luggage.

I've got a few favorite airlines, Virgin America, and JetBlue top the list.

Virgin America is great flying out of Logan in Boston because they have their own TSA security and gate.

I fly JetBlue a lot, and love to take advantage of their Even More Speed, Even More Space upgrades.

Even More Speed gets you through security in a fast lane. On my last trip when I printed the boarding pass on my Mac, the printout where it says even more speed was cut off, so make sure when you print your boarding pass that shows up, otherwise you might have problems getting into the fast lane. They led us through anyway.

First! Extra Speed! #ftw Thanks @jetblue
Image: First! Extra Speed! #ftw Thanks @jetblue

Even More Speed also gets you early boarding. I love early boarding, because I always carry on my luggage and there's never a problem of fitting the luggage in the overhead compartment.

Even More Space gets you more legroom, which I appreciate because in 6 feet tall.

To me the upgrade is worth it and the past few times it only cost $25.


  1. I'm with you on this. It is worth EVERY penny to know that I'm going to get on the plane and have ZERO worry about if my luggage will fit or not since I'm on the plane before everyone else.

    I wish more airlines had this option. Now if we could only get JetBlue to embrace digital tickets inside of their App they'd be perfect!

    1. JetBlue is working on digital tickets. ;-)

    2. Anonymous10:44 PM

      Are you still required to get a TSA body scan and pat down? I think those security checks are BS.