Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Bye YouTube Create

I broke this story on twitter:


According to an email from WeVideo, today (1/31/13) is the last day for YouTube Create:

After January 31st, YouTube is discontinuing their “YouTube Create” program.

I've tracked down the sites that will still be available for these video creation tools.

Xtranormal Movie Maker
Xtranormal lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly. Easily share something funny.
by Xtranormal

New link:

GoAnimate is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. You can even create your own cast of characters.
by GoAnimate

New link:

Vlix - video effects and text
Create great videos by applying video effects and adding text. Select from a variety of effects - fix effects, time altering effects, artistic effects and fun video borders.
by VlixVideo

New link:

Steve Garfield's Ultimate List of Video Gear
Image: Steve Garfield's Ultimate List of Video Gear


Vibop makes your videos shine with just a few clicks. Add an animated intro, a vintage filter, a cartoon look, a silent movie theme, and dozens of other effects.
by Vibop

New link:

One True Media video creation and editing
One True Media, simply powerful video creation. Robust, fast and easy video editing with real-time preview. Clip video and combine it with photos, transitions, effects, and text.
by SpotMixer

New link:

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform. Edit movies in your browser, with media files from any device. Combine clips with music, effects, titles, transitions, and animations.
by WeVideo

New link:

Magisto - Video Editing In a Click!
Magisto will analyze and understand your video, select the best parts and make it look amazing on YouTube!
by Magisto

New link:

YouTube shuts down its YouTube Create program for partner apps:
YouTube is shutting down YouTube Create at the end of this month, ending what was supposed to be a promotion of both the YouTube API and third-party apps taking advantage of it. YouTube Create was launched some 18 months ago as a showcase for third-party video editors like WeVideo, Vibop and Magisto.

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