Thursday, December 20, 2001

Found in the Street
The other day we were over at BJ's getting some stuff and while we were packing the car my wife saw a notebook on the street.

This discussion followed:

She said: Hey, there's a notebook on the street.
I said: Hey cool. Maybe there's something interesting in it.
She said: Don't touch it, it's dirty!
I said: But there might be some good stuff in there. You know people have whole websites where they scan in and post found stuff on the web. But you probably don't care.

At this point she gave me a look, and I picked up the notebook. I opened it and flipped through it. It was a disapointment. All that was in there was some addition and subtraction math problems.

I said: I'm just gonna leave this here in case the kid comes back looking for it.

She didn't say anything.

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Off On A Tangent:
It's a car wreck.

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