Sunday, December 23, 2001

Let Them Eat Cake - Historical Fact or Fiction?
At the time when this quotation originated, the law also obliged the baker to sell a fancier loaf for the price of the cheap one when the cheap ones were all gone.
Did Queen Marie-Antoinette say it?

Let Them Eat Cake - A BBC Television Production.
Lying somewhere between Allo Allo and 'Carry On, Don't Lose Your Head', the show is a bawdy romp through the corridors of the palace of Versailles in the period shortly before the French Revolution.
Hmm... I wish BBC America played reruns of Allo Allo. I'd love to see it just so I could walk around asking, "Allo, Allo... Did you see Allo Allo?"

Let Them Eat Cake - False Advertising.
Dean John Chapman got a face full of cake from his wife, Judy Jean, earlier this week at a surprise party celebrating his birthday.
Oh yeah? I want visual proof next time you promise me the goods like that!

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