Friday, December 14, 2001

Temptation Island 2 - Review 12/13/01
Fresh Meat! Woo Hoo!

Some quotes from the show:
"The guys were drooling over the new girl." Ha Ha. Well, they weren't actually drooling over the new girl, they just encircled her and drooled on themselves. Then they all took turns throwing her into the pool to wash off.

"The new guy is HOT!, and he's got a job! Check, Check, that's two off my list." I wonder what else is on her list.
My Dating Checklist
1. Is he Hot?
2. Does he have a job?
3. Are his eyes blue or green?
4. Is he blonde.
5. Does he have muscles?
Tune in next week to see if Edmundo gets another chance with the blonde crybaby.

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