Saturday, December 15, 2001

I'm testing my online connection speeds now that I have a cable modem.

My connection is four times faster on my stand alone Internet Explorer, connected directly to ATT Broadband, than the AOL Internet Explorer I use when signed on to AOL.

I feel bad thinking about leaving AOL. I've been with them so long. All my friends have my email address. Change is difficult. I'm sure that's how AOL keeps so many members, resistance to change.

So I started looking into different ideas about leaving AOL and found some interesting things.

There's AOL Watch that has a newsletter detailing all the goings on at AOL.

Hey, It's a page that links to other pages that express many levels on Anti-AOL feelings.
It includes:
Why and How to Leave AOL
AOL Intel : Security Breach
Dave Kneppers AOL Sucks Site
Why AOL Sucks
The FTP site
The Dark Side: AOL's Web Browser
America Out of Line
101 Uses of AOL Disks!
Mark Eats AOL
Dave Glass's AOL Sucks Page
America Outtaline!
Unofficial AOL Email FAQ answers questions about AOL email, all in one place.

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