Saturday, January 26, 2002

Have a Sam Adams Light on me!
Sam Adams Light - a flavorful, higher quality alternative to the less flavorful domestic light beers as well as the imports.

At 128 calories, Sam Adams Light features a clean finish and no aftertaste.
Last night I had a couple of Sam Adams Light beers at the best pub in America, Doyle's Cafe. It was the first day for Sam Adams Light at Doyles. Usually if I want a glass of water I have a Bud Light, but since Sam Adams Light was brand new, I wanted to try it.

Sam Adams Light tastes just as rich as a regular Sam Adams. It has it's own flavor with no light beer aftertaste. Try it, you'll like it, and you'll loose weight too.

If you're ever in Boston, stop by Doyles for a beer, then go take a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery nearby.

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